Thank You Note After Interview

By admin

A thank you note after your interview goes a very long way, particularly if you are one of the best candidates for an interview. In my experience, I have never met or worked with an employer who has been grateful to receive an email or a letter after an interview. I certainly wouldn’t send such a note to an individual who was interviewed by one of the hiring managers. The vast majority of employers would prefer that you send a thank you note after your interview to one of their human resources department employees.

If you were interviewed by the human resources department, I would be very surprised if you did not receive an email or letter in the very next day. I understand that many companies may have many responsibilities and administrative tasks to handle throughout the year, and this may cause them to be unable to spend the time it takes to write and address each individual employee’s thank you note. For this reason, it makes sense that if you were interviewed, you should request that an appropriate thank you note be sent to the individual conducting the interview. In my experience, I have always recommended sending an immediate handwritten thank you note and a formal written thank you note from the hiring manager, usually after the interview.

There is a resource available on the internet that can assist you in writing a thank you note. This sample thank you letter can be used as a guide to help you with the thank you letter that will be most effective in conveying your message. (It is best to send the thank you note to the individual conducting the interview at least one day before the scheduled interview.) This resource can help you make sure that your thank you note is personalized, and it will convey your appreciation for the opportunity to be interviewed. The resource can provide examples of perfect thank you notes, as well as the proper format for writing a thank you note.

Next Steps. You should follow up with the individual that you interviewed within 24 hours. (courteously thank them for their time and consideration.) In addition, the next steps are to personally thank them for their time and consideration. Thank them by mentioning your next steps which include: contacting the hiring manager, scheduling a phone interview, and scheduling a face-to-face interview.

Interview Transcripts. After your interview, it is important to follow up promptly. (The most common reason that an interviewer does not contact an applicant is that the applicant did not submit the transcript of the interview. If you have the transcript, you can email or fax it to the interviewer. A thank you letter should accompany the transcript.) Attach a scanned or electronic document that contains your name, contact information, and a personal statement.

Follow Up. Your final step in how to thank an interviewer after your interview is to politely send thank you notes. Again, this should occur no later than 48 hours after the interview. (Do not ever submit a thank you letter with your resume.) Also, be sure to mention the hiring company by name.