Creating a Resume for a Graphic Designer

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Graphic designers are visual communicators who generate concepts by hand or with the use of specialized tools. They use both real and virtual art forms, including images, writing, and graphics, to communicate ideas to inspire, inform, or captivate customers.  They communicate with clients, customers, and other designers regularly to ensure that their designs accurately reflect the desired message and efficiently convey information. When seeking a career as a graphic designer, there are four crucial factors: quality of work, consistency of work, and tool competency. Generate your CV with an InDesign Graphic Designer Resume.

What is a graphic design resume?

When applying for jobs, graphic designers utilize resumes to emphasize their qualifications. It contains details on a graphic designer’s experience and abilities to highlight why they are qualified for a specific role. Use InDesign Graphic Designer Resume to adapt your resume to each position you apply for, including changing keywords or abilities to match unique job descriptions. Remember the following principles when composing your graphic design CV.

Refrain from becoming overly imaginative.

For a graphic designer, creativity is a necessary trait. It’s also tempting to brag about your resume a little. However, you’ll almost certainly have to deal with an applicant tracking system if you plan on applying to internet job advertisements (ATS). These systems have a hard time reading files with odd fonts, pictures, or text boxes.


The resume of a graphic designer must first pass through applicant tracking systems, which employ keyword matching. Rather than aesthetics to determine who advances to the next stage of the hiring process.

Include a link to your work examples.

While it’s crucial to keep your resume as simple as possible, there are still ways to highlight your ingenuity. Enter the personal website or portfolio. A link to a website or portfolio should always get included on a graphic designer’s CV. You’ll also want to make sure that these external connections are not just visible on your resume but also easy to find. You could put links to your work in a distinct portfolio section on your resume, or you could put them all over. In your resume’s experience section, you can also provide links to previous work. 

Create a good resume for each job opportunity.

While the content of your resume is unlikely to alter significantly from one application to the next, you should always prepare to devote time to customizing your resume for each job posting to which you apply. If you have experience with skill, ability, or technology, you should include it on your resume. Better than that? You can get rid of anything that gets not required for a specific position. It will assist you in keeping your resume to one page.

Make Use of the Correct Keywords.

The keyword is crucial, especially if you’re applying the internet. You don’t have to cram every graphic design word you can think of into your resume. However, it’s a good idea to double-check that you’ve organically included as many important keywords as possible.

Resume Graphic Designer
Resume Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer Resume
Graphic Designer Resume
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer Resume Template
Graphic Designer Resume Template

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